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Mount Karthala , or the Karthala Volcano, is a vast shield volcano with a dormant caldera settled on its peak. It is located at La Grande Island facing the Indian Ocean. It is considered as an active volcano with its last recorded eruption in year 2006. Scientists report that it has a capacity to erupt every few year in short intervals. It has a tendency to emit a voluminous magma flow – which created the numerous lakes found along the caldera. Every time the volcano erupts it causes significant destruction from its thick ash fall, ruining the water lines, making the availability of clean drinking water scarce. If there are no alert warning signals from certified volcanologists, a hike and excursion along its trail is allowed. You need to secure a permit from the local environment office to be granted access and a map of the famous mountain in Comoros.



 The Moheli Marine Park is the heart of where marine and wildlife conservation is highly maintained by the local authorities. The country has been accepting help from different worldwide organizations to support their many biodiversity protection ventures. The goal of this park is to generate more tourists who will come to see their marine wildlife. Their primary goal is to make a more institutional, operational and feasible utilization of its rich biodiversity. The government upheld the formation of the Marine Park and has supported its monitoring and conservation efforts. There is a gift shop where you can purchase items that signify the preservation and continued maintenance of this park. You can explore the entire park up to the fishing area where most of the catch is monitored and limited. Taking pictures is allowed. If you want to support the cause, visit their website and learn how to help the marine wildlife foundation of Comoros.

Lake Dzialandze ,The area around the Lake Dzialandze contains all of the existing remainders of the island’s tropical rainforest. It also serves as a good alternative to the many beaches on this side of the island. The forest is surrounded by thick vegetation and rich flora and fauna. You’ll find plenty of biodiversity and the steepest slopes before eventually reaching the lake area. There are lots of trees, species of orchids, rare flowers, and endemic wildlife along the vicinity of the lake. An effort to preserve the forest and its timberlands are ongoing in addition to attempts by the country to keep illegal loggers and those who are engaged in charcoal production out. Excursions on this lake can be made with local tour companies you can find in the city center of Moroni. Swimming and picnics are allowed, but you must be mindful of the preserved environment and bring your own trash bag for your waste.